Tuesday, March 30, 2010

aku sumpah seranah akan medic! lantas Allah kasi petunjuk sebijik

i was on my way to my practical class.

i damned all the things that i saw that morning.

i damned myself for even have to take medic.

i damned myself of being in a medic school.

i saw other students, their faces are so happy.

carrying black tubes of paper, and rulers of T,

i simply envy them, and wish i were in their shoes.

i said, waht d f, how come im not one of them?

how come that i'm placed in a medic school?

why cant i just study how to drove a plane,
and be a pilot perhaps.

why didnt i study architecture,
and probably make lots and tons of money even before i grew old.

isnt being anyone also can save a life?

y shud i b a doctor just to save a life?

a pilot flies plane, ang he carry with him lives of hundreds.

everyday also, people deal with life, their life and others whom they love.

so i still damn myself of being in a med school.



a man, around 40+ face turns red, totally congested, hold on to his chest and gasping for air. his legs were pale and his eyes starts to be watery.

another man came and pat his face. waking him up.

4-5 men came and raise him up.

its myocardial infarction.

so i stood, 1 meter from them,

doing nothing.

yeah, a medical student that is incapable of doing nothing.
that is freaking sucks!!

that sucks.

so there u hav it.

its like a brick falls from the clouds to yer head.

owh wait, maybe its bigger than a brick.

but that totally didnt kill me.

as for so, im still alive, yeah, ok continue. study.

i need to save a life tomorrow.


  1. very interesting. consider yourself lucky. those questions in your head was being answered in a way it made u think about 'em.