Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the thing we work for backfires

hey everyone. looks like everyone are being persistant in this 2nd sem.
i cud see more new faces at the library, revising lectures, the figures who sleep during lectures is less now,
the attendance is encouraging, and much else.

with that, i say congratulations.

and besides, not just for whut i just mentioned above,
but for the work that u had put in ur organisation.
yup, thats right, im talking about PERUBATAN. it has been a buzy time for us. hectic, may i say.
as everyone also is taking part in a wholesome lot of event that would be happening during this short while.
activities like Byte Muslim, Kelas Fiqh, KSPCI10, BOOM!2, Multimedia whatever and so much else.

whut i see from this is like this thing backfires us.
cuz d only one who is involved in this wholesome lot of activities seems like the same person.
and yeah, they seems promising, bright face, good personality, can do the job such as typing articles, making tables, organizing a meeting and such.

and all of u may hav heard child labour and have u heard about hardworkers labour?

c'mon.. u knoe that he is good in graphics, while she can do typing stuff, and he could organize a meeting..
but why not someone else? yeahh, get a whole new army, new recruits, those hardworkers have work hard enough. give them a rest already.


not me. im just going to seat in front of my laptop and play CS3. while my hardworking friend is working so hard for the organisation that we all love so much.

and yeah, that is about all. good luck r korg for all the activities that u guys anjurkan.

my pray is that each and everyone of them would be a success.

and may Allah make it all easier for u guys.

Rabbi yassir wala tu assir.

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  1. amin... May Allah help us through...

    "let US do our best
    let HIM do the rest!"