Tuesday, March 30, 2010

aku sumpah seranah akan medic! lantas Allah kasi petunjuk sebijik

i was on my way to my practical class.

i damned all the things that i saw that morning.

i damned myself for even have to take medic.

i damned myself of being in a medic school.

i saw other students, their faces are so happy.

carrying black tubes of paper, and rulers of T,

i simply envy them, and wish i were in their shoes.

i said, waht d f, how come im not one of them?

how come that i'm placed in a medic school?

why cant i just study how to drove a plane,
and be a pilot perhaps.

why didnt i study architecture,
and probably make lots and tons of money even before i grew old.

isnt being anyone also can save a life?

y shud i b a doctor just to save a life?

a pilot flies plane, ang he carry with him lives of hundreds.

everyday also, people deal with life, their life and others whom they love.

so i still damn myself of being in a med school.



a man, around 40+ face turns red, totally congested, hold on to his chest and gasping for air. his legs were pale and his eyes starts to be watery.

another man came and pat his face. waking him up.

4-5 men came and raise him up.

its myocardial infarction.

so i stood, 1 meter from them,

doing nothing.

yeah, a medical student that is incapable of doing nothing.
that is freaking sucks!!

that sucks.

so there u hav it.

its like a brick falls from the clouds to yer head.

owh wait, maybe its bigger than a brick.

but that totally didnt kill me.

as for so, im still alive, yeah, ok continue. study.

i need to save a life tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

the thing we work for backfires

hey everyone. looks like everyone are being persistant in this 2nd sem.
i cud see more new faces at the library, revising lectures, the figures who sleep during lectures is less now,
the attendance is encouraging, and much else.

with that, i say congratulations.

and besides, not just for whut i just mentioned above,
but for the work that u had put in ur organisation.
yup, thats right, im talking about PERUBATAN. it has been a buzy time for us. hectic, may i say.
as everyone also is taking part in a wholesome lot of event that would be happening during this short while.
activities like Byte Muslim, Kelas Fiqh, KSPCI10, BOOM!2, Multimedia whatever and so much else.

whut i see from this is like this thing backfires us.
cuz d only one who is involved in this wholesome lot of activities seems like the same person.
and yeah, they seems promising, bright face, good personality, can do the job such as typing articles, making tables, organizing a meeting and such.

and all of u may hav heard child labour and have u heard about hardworkers labour?

c'mon.. u knoe that he is good in graphics, while she can do typing stuff, and he could organize a meeting..
but why not someone else? yeahh, get a whole new army, new recruits, those hardworkers have work hard enough. give them a rest already.


not me. im just going to seat in front of my laptop and play CS3. while my hardworking friend is working so hard for the organisation that we all love so much.

and yeah, that is about all. good luck r korg for all the activities that u guys anjurkan.

my pray is that each and everyone of them would be a success.

and may Allah make it all easier for u guys.

Rabbi yassir wala tu assir.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

medical money. is that all to think of?

have u guys read this?

yeah, this.

if u havn't, then u shud read it.

its all the same link anyway. no need to open too many new tabs.


lets take a deep sigh first..

breathe in, out (sigh~)

breathe in, hold, out (sigh~~)

***dont just read it, do it!!

breathe 3 secs,, hold 5 secs,, out..!! (sigh~!)

ok, much better now. get all the oxygen booze inside your head.

lets start with some questions..

how many of u r takin meds cuz u wud make great money in the future?
(few hands raised, others look at each other, some mumble)

how many of u r takin meds because u r sincere to help people?
(more hands raised, others look aside before raising their hand, mumbling stops a while)

how many of u took meds cuz ur parents said so?
(no hands are raised, one or two hands are raised and quickly they pretend to scratch their heads)

how many of u hav either one of ur parents as doctors?
(1/3 of the hall raised up their hands)

how many of u thinks that we cud make big money by being a doctor?
(hands raised were less than those who hav doctors as parents)

well u see, its true that we cud make a lot of money by being a doctor, but its not as how easy as how easy we cud get a job in the government hospital, and so, usually some MO (med officer) wud have a part time job in small clinics and this is call locum a.k.a. locum tenens.

but this might work well for those doctors who are single, if ur married, then probably it wud be hard to manage the wife-work-locum-wife-kids-food-wife balance in ur daily life. that is how u make money. u get a part time job in a clinic. but that is totally like any other professions. an engineer might be driving a taxi around town if there's no project to work with.

or maybe after u have ur master degree, and then u work at a private hospital, then u wud be paid with high prices. and yeah, that takes time but thats ok, its worth it.

but however, nowadays doctors are mushrooming. by the year 2015, the number of doctors wud be totally crowded. do ur calculations. 4000 doctors per year, few hundreds wud retire, then the doctor:population ratio wud be like 1:600. wow! amazing.. almost as the same as UK which records the number of 2:1000. cool eh?

and so, i see that there are problem with this. the problem of quality doctors.
those old-bald headed-all knowing doctors with high experience are the ones who are trained with busy-hectic-not much help-too many disease by the 70's and 80's. thats y they r pro's.
compared to us, we might not face what they had face. we might be a lazy ass by just standing aside during our study in med school. then we became gelabah, gopoh by the time of our housemanships. and if we are not focused, we might repeat our housemanships year (OH NOO..!!) and pretty much everything else wud be so damn d effing difficult.

and without quality, we wud be lost in competition. imagine there are 4000 new doctors every year. it wud be harder to choose the field that u hav intrest in. u might be as well be randomly assigned into any department that need u help. besides, those slack off's which disrespect their doctors, or stupid dumb ass, wud be kicked out for sure. not to mentioned those arrogant one who think that they're the doctor so they're the boss, that one wud be called asswhole for life.

also without quality, it wud be hard for us to be accepted to work in a good private hospital, it wud be hard to get supervisor's recommendation to be assign to other hospital.

owh yeah, i almost forgot. if u r a women, than it may be harder. some of the fields may require men rathen women. like in dermatology, and else, but rather i find it not a big deal. the problem is that probably it wud just be harder for women to choose the speciality in the future. cuz with many women doctors in the same department, many of them wud hav a long 3 month or more holiday from time to times. and why? cuz u gurls wud be pregnant, deliver, puerperium, care for the kids and much else. yeah its not much. that cud probably counter the problems of having too many doctors. LOL. this really happens. theres this time where i was at this hospital. there are almost 15+ women doctors but 2/3 of them are on their big belly holiday. yeay for babies~!

sigh~ theres more then just med school.

quality doctors?

what are the qualities?

do i have such qualities?

will i fit in my future profession?

do i have the right attitude to perform in my profession?

till next time. assalamualaikum..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

everyone also nag about the same thing

Assalamualaikum wbt..

with this new semester, pple are saying the same thing all over again.

"new semester, new determination"

wow..!! applause for that..!!

why basically, i kinda have the idea to write this post about a week ago but i was so busy having my holiday. wee~ but somehow, in a non-awkward way, superneuron had already post this thing.

so repeating the same thing wudnt be considered as smart. but then i'll b lookin like smart-ass. so anyways, im nagging too much so i hope i could stop right now.. ok. much better.

well, onto our topic for today.

"new semester, new determination" again?

OMG!! baru skarang ka lu mau cakap ini macam? apsal itu sem lepas lu tarak cakap itu macam?
aiyyaa, gua lupa. lu masa sem lepas lu cakap "tahun balu, semangat balu".. gua tarak nampak apa beza woo..

sh**. yes, i think that 60% of us said the same thing last sem.
"tahun baru, semangat baru"
but WTH, all i got was..

pelajar 1: aku sem nih terok giler dowh.. kuliah x dtg, practikal kadang2, baca nak exam pun last minit. x masuk dowh..

pelajar 2: hahhaa.. ape nak jadi exam nih jadila.. aku rasa kene repeat pn x pe kot..

pelajar 3: kedowkk.. sem nih ak main2 dowh..

pelajar 4: susah dowh cardio block..

pelajar 5: aku.. x yakin la sem nih. susah dowh.. main je lebeh.. ak pn dah blank..

pelajar 6: nak kuruskan badan la.. balik malaysia harituh berat badan I naik bnyak la..

these all are whut i heard on the mid and end of 1st sem of our 2nd year.
so it had been said. that the 1st sem of 2nd year is the year of new determination. but halfway through, we all got weak, we became a freaking imbecile, we start slacking off, we stop coming to lectures, we procrastinate more, we lost our focus, and we despair of our performance.

da** it. ke-AZAM-an tahun baru pada sem lepas dipersiakan begitu sahaja. lauk pauk masakan melayu, cina dan india yang mengisi jaluran cilia pada intestine hanya dipersia dengan pembentukan sejenis penyakit yang didiagnos sebagai sakit rumah atau homesick.

maka bangkitlah..!! aku seru pada semua pelajar iskandariah tahun 2. semester ini, bukan lagi seperti semester yang sudah. di mana kita telah leka akan facebook, movie, youtube, blogging dan sebagainya. fokuslah lebih pada apa objektif asal kita yang mengembara ke bumi mesir ini.
yakni menuntut ilmu perubatan.

kau sangka ilmu perubatan mudah untuk digenggam?! kau pandang rendah. atau kau berlagak akan kebolehan kau? tepuk dada, tanya diri. ada beran kah? ceh, gelar sahaja kau seorang pelajar perubatan. walhal kau hanya sebok leka akan pancaran kiraan sosial facebook, menonton filem2 boxoffice terkini, dan bermain online game.

"mughoffal", kata arab itu.

"bingai", kata si melayu.

"baghero", kata penduduk matahari terbit.

would this semester end in despair like how your past are?

are you unsure to give your full performance this time?

are you just going to stand aside and look at others victory?

are you still going to slack-off and act like a bastards by being constantly absent from lectures?

who are you to think that you can just do it all by having a last minute reading?

did you forget that you are a student that depends on a person called a teacher?

why are you here?