Sunday, February 14, 2010

guts and determination. or is it unclear?

guts and determination. or is it unclear?

praise Allah the Almighty, He who creates the heaven and earth.

first of all let us all take a deep breath.. (inhale~).. (exhale..)
ok.. that was nice.. eh wait. u didnt just read it right?
i mean, do it for serious.. one more time.. (inhale~).. (exhale...sigh..)
aahhh.. thts much better.

with a silly introduction im bound to write something serious.
this post is inspired by life, love, and death. the start is quite simple, He made us live.
upon everything that is in this world, there is love. and beyond life, theres d afterlife,
in which we are there after facing our death.

in this post i rather talk about the reason itself why we are here.
and im pointing my finger to all the medical student around me.
why are u even studying medicine? as people said that its probably d hardest course?
how can u say that u want to help people, as in the same time u r confronting with a life
or death situation? are u really helping by selling drugs and vaccine, plastering hands, and
sticking needles or just by giving a litle piece of advice?

thinking d reasons to answer these questions would only leads us back to what lies
beneath our future profession. because we LOVE people. we love them as much as we love our parents.
wether they are still with us or not here in this world. we love an anonymous patient as much as
how we love our friends.

as much as how i had said craps, that is how how true it is that we are very much needed in our society.
people would pay d price of the world to have life and to avoid death. only those who had lost
so much would give up on life and frankly said that their life would end as a sad loner.

but fear not, cuz probably some of u had stop reading this post while i havnt get to my point yet.
so, in many of us med students here, have a reason to be where he is right now.

i knoe that akmal zakaria really are that superbly determined to get to med school.
i also knoe that fiza hasan ganny also markedly determined to get to med school.
i knoe that anas kamaruddin, akmal sufi, husnun nisak, ibrahim azaman, khairi malik, afiq fahimy,
and much else where MOST of us are really hav d determination to study in med school.

well, thats great, cuz i didnt see that in myself, im not very determined to take medicine.
while its my GUTS that speaks for me. i knoe that i would grab this medic, tore it apart,
be a doctor by 23, be an M.O. by 25, take my master before 28, and practice my mastery,
either in forensic, pathology, surgery, or anything that i would be good at. and be done with it.
by time i should insyaAllah hav a lovely wife by my side and a few kids, bla3.. yada3.. and death.

however, even though that all this sound so well-planned, im sure that Allah the All-Knowing had
plan better than mine. maybe i'll be on my phD and be a teacher, researcher, professor,
and anything that even me myself cant think of. while its already clear, that i should just go on
ahead with my life. never to regret to take this course of medicine.
never to regret and say.. 'why didnt i take culinary? or fashion designing? or i cud be a pilot
and had done with all d studying shit.' why, its not all to get easy right now,

as we are future doctors, either we are (would be) hated by the senior doctors, by the sisters, nurses,
medical assistant or we are love by them, we carry the responsibility of being a caretaker,
the doctor who cures, the man who revive a dying person, and all that.

sigh, dont regret that ur taking medicine. and dont even say that its damn the effing hard.
or say anything that would paraphrase to that u r giving up. i say, NOT YET.
as how u r in ur bloody position right now, just get to it, and do ur best.

i should stop now. OK.. im stoping.. thanks for reading this post. u make me feel better, doctor.

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